Friday, November 25, 2005

Photo Friday - Yellow

The Photo Friday topic this week is yellow.
I wasn't sure what to pick out for the topic as i initially remembered taking some photos of buckets and spades on the beach and wondered if those would work. They didn't -so i changed my mind and went the easiest option, flowers.

I am very fond of yellow flowers so i had a reasonable selection to choose from. I decided that this yellow hibiscus flower was the best for the topic since its such a delicate butter colour and the red petals in the background and dark green leaves emphasise the yellow tones.
The electricity in our house just flipped off - so i am writing this in the dark with lots of beeping in the background -thank goodness for uninterruptible power supplies!

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isay said...

i also love yellow flowers and really had a hard deciding which one to post for my entry.

this is a great choice. i love hibiscus a lot and i grew up admiring this flower in different colors in our neighborhood.

this is a secret (but no secret anymore)-my husband calls himself einsten but can't tell you the reason why. love your banner and what you have written about it.

isay said...

and i forgot to say that we call this flower "gumamela" in our own language.