Friday, November 11, 2005

Photo Friday- Worn - Parthenon

The Photo Friday topic is 'worn' this week.

The Parthenon on Athen's Acropolis hill was a temple dedicated to Athena Parthenos and built between 447 and 438 BCE.

The temple use changed over the years to a Byzantine Church, a Latin church and a mosque. During the seige of 1687 when the Venetians were trying to capture the Acropolis , the Turks were using the Parthenon as a storage area for explosives. The gunpowder exploded and blew out the roof and much of the interior structure.

Lord Elgin took away much of the marble frieze and sculpture known as the Elgin Marbles and now housed in the British Museum. There is an ongoing dispute about ownership of the sculpture with the hope of persuading the British Museum to give the sculpture back.

I can't think of anything that suits the topic of 'worn' more aptly than the Parthenon. This is a view of the corner taken several years ago when i was visiting Athens.

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