Friday, November 04, 2005

Photo Friday - warmth

The Photo Friday challenge this week is 'warmth'.
I couldn't think of anything more suggestive of warmth on a November evening than homemade food.
I didn't have the ingredients to hand to make some homemade soup as i always like to make my own stock first -so i made a chili instead and took the photo before serving it.


Chris said...

don't take this personally, but that doesn't look appetising

Alison Ashwell said...

ROFL - tasted and smelled good though

Food photography isn't easy as newly cooked food looks weird - which is why the adverts use tricks and non food items like emulsion paint , glass beads and mineral oil to jazz things up

Yolanda said...

Mmmm love chili. I had no idea that other parts of the world made chilli as well. Do you have a recipe you can share?

asdsdfdfgfgh said...

We went out last night to a firework display with friends, then everybody came back to ours afterwards and we had jacket potatoes and chilli.

There really is nothing better when you get in on a cold night :)

Great minds think alike.

Bathroom Bandit said...

Looks like one of the pics from my site, yummy.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's got maggots in it. Lol.