Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nice port and colline de chateau

I took these photos on a few different days- some in the spring and some in the summer. They seemed to go together into one post.

The port in Nice is quite pretty, with lots of small and large yachts and also the ferries and hydrofoils that head off to Corsica and Sardinia.

The rocky and wooded outcrop above the old appartment blocks is the Colline de Chateau.

Looking across the jetty from Place Guynemer and the start of Quai Rauba Capeu [which means hat stealing quay in the local Niçard [Nissart] language. A lot ofthe Vieux Nice [Old Nice] signage is bilingual French and Niçard.
Church of Our Lady of the Port aka Church of the Immaculate Conception [Église Notre Dame du Port-Église de l'Immaculée Conception Immaculée] is an impressive church looking over the port. Apparently it contains some pre-raphaelite style paintings attributed to Emmanuel Costa but I haven't been inside

This is looking up at the Colline de Chateau over the tops of the market stalls in Cours Saleya.
The 'Colline de Chateau' translates as the castle hill- the castle was destroyed in 1706 on the orders of Louis XIV, so its no longer visible. However, the Colline de Chateau is still worth visiting for the amazing views over the port and old town and the wooded park on top of the hill.

Its a steep walk uphill if you start from the old town-there is a tourist train and an elevator as an alternative way of getting there.
There is also an artificial waterfall but it wasn't working when we visited in spring.
This photo looks down on Cours Saleya- the market is morning only; in the afternoon and evening Cours Saleya is a busy place to hang out, eat, drink ,see and be seen.

The higgledgy piggledy rooftops and lanes of the old town
Some of the hills surrounding Nice

The clocktower in the Old Town flying the Nice flag
A view of Nice port from the top of Colline de Chateau

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natural attrill said...

I love the wonderful warm colours and the perspective in your photo of Cours Saleya.