Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stormy sky

We were swimming, or rather bobbing around in huge waves just before these photos were taken, the temperature was about 25 degrees C and the water was fairly warm although the dull grey sky made it seem colder.

The sea looks fairly calm in the photos but sometimes photos can be deceiving. When we were swimming, the rescue helicopter flew over and a rescue boat went out, so someone somewhere along the coast was in trouble.

There had been a lot of gulls and other sea birds out on the water before the storm came in- presumably there were some huge fish shoals attracting them. Once the sky darkened they disappeared, apart from this lone gull.

The sky turned grey quite quickly and later we had torrential rain and thunder and lightning.
When I looked out into the street in the middle of the night, the drains were full and the road looked like a river.

I tried taking a few rainy night photos from our window without much success. I didn't manage to photograph the lightning either- as it was sheet lightning rather than the photogenic zig zag formation. It was dramatic to watch from the safety of the window though.

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Nicky said...

Beautiful, tempestuous and brooding photos, Alison. I particularly like the first one.

Sybille said...

These are gorgeous - love them!!!