Monday, August 14, 2006

Vintimille/Ventimiglia panorama

I took quite a few photos in Vintimille/Ventimiglia just over the Italian border, with the aim of creating a panorama - I stitched 8 of them together in Corel Painter and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

The bridge in the centre crosses the River Roya which flows out to the sea. The banks of the river and the stony beach combined meant that i couldn't actually add in the sea on the left hand side of the panorama but then if I'd taken a photo with the sea coast, I wouldn't have managed to take the river valley with distant mountains, bridge , old town and hills.

We didn't cross the bridge over the Roya to the old town-that will be something to do next time we visit.

The town was originally the capital of a Ligurian tribe, the Intemeli and the name was originally Albium Intemelium. When it was conquered by the Romans the name was contracted to Albintimilium and there are apparently still some vestiges of the Roman town including a theatre which has apparently been reopened for occasional use .

A swan let me take a couple of photos before swimming off upstream towards the bridge.

I was pleased to get this photo of the swan's legs- usually they are gliding along with no visible means of propulsion.

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Lauren said...

That's an incredible pasting shot. Go you!

VinylVenus said...

Ooh! Lovely panorama! You are very talented!

And, yes, who knew swans had feet!


Sue said...

Fab panorama, I can't get them to line up so nicely when I do them.

I think the swan was showing off for you! :-)

natural attrill said...

Well, that is very clever putting photos together and getting a result like that. I am impressed!

Damiel said...

Hi, just a quick visit from B.E.

I really love your photos .. a cool thing that i've learned to do to is this - once you've uploaded the photo to your message, go into 'edit html' and look at the start of the photos' address.

When you see the first line that ends with jpg" add in the following- target="_blank"

Your photo will then open in a new page, and often does justice to the hard work that's been put in.

That's it.

As Arnie says "I'll be back"