Saturday, August 19, 2006

Photo Friday - Friend

We were down at the beach the other day, before the big storms hit [although the storm clouds were visible out to sea, the sky was quite dark and the waves were pretty high and strong.]

Some people were parasailing/parascending with a really friendly-looking yellow parachute until the sky darkened a bit more and the wind picked up.

You can see the approaching storm -a large bank of grey cloud on the horizon in the following pictures.

I wnered if the two people going up together were friends- I suppose it would be strange to do something like this with a complete stranger, although I find the thought of going up into the sky towed behind a speedboat a freaky idea in itsel - I am not very keen on heights.

Floating over the sea -and they didn't get their feet wet. Maybe its a bit less scary than bungee jumping.

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