Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bees and nudibranchs

I have ordered a cheap 35mm underwater camera from ebay - I can't wait till it arrives, though I wonder if it will be a waste of money. Its a small step up from the disposable underwater cameras and it has a flash and is loaded with 400 iso film so surely something will turn out ok.

I'd really love a waterproof housing for my current camera but its kind of old now, and although i think it takes excellent pictures , it was never envisaged as something to take into the sea.
There are some special waterproof camera bags which are supposed to fit any camera but the ones i've seen online can't cope with a zoom lens.

Anyway, when i get the camera i will be taking photos like a mad thing - hopefully some of the sea life that i've seen recently will make an appearance.

Today there were lots of snorkelers in the octopus lair area - apparently someone had reported seeing an octopus eating a crab today and this had lured other people into the area.

So no octopus for us today- though we did see some nudibranchs [sea slugs] - a translucent white one, a brown dingy one the colour of the weed on the rocks and a dirty lilac and burgundy one which resembled a very rotten cucumber. I was surprised to see them as i always thought they lived in deeper water - so i think i must snorkel with my eyes closed as i have obviously been missing loads of things right under my nose.

There were also more big fish - larger than the other day and seemingly unconcerned about folk snorkeling around.

I was beginning to wonder if they are feeding on the tourist but that was just part of the random JAWS thoughts.

On the way home i saw some bumble bees on a flowering tree. I have no idea of the name of the tree but i was pleased with the bee photos


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