Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Underwater camera

Just got the first underwater photos back - i need to play about with the camera to get better photos but at least all the photos came out, even if there were a lot without fish; fish have a tendency to swim out of frame.

Still, fish are just about recognisable . I think the later photos on the spool were better than the first since its difficult to get used to staying as motionless as possible while the sea is moving you away.

The fish in this picture are actually quite vividly coloured- , well when seen with the naked eye or photographed by someone more expert.

Nice rocks, no fish though.

Quite a few fish but they don't look very recognisable

I tried to finish this post before I went off to Juan Les Pins for a couple of days to stay with a friend -but i didn't have enough time.

In Juan Les Pins I took another lot of photos and i've put them in to be developed tonight and will get the CD back tomorrow morning.
I hope i have learned some lessons from spool number one and that i have some better photos.
It should at least be a better film than the first one , which was some generic brand that was pre-loaded in the camera.

As far as water proofness is concerned, the plastic housing works really well: no drips or leaks or condensation.


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Excellent photos!

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