Monday, August 29, 2005

Mystery Solved and Crabs

The mystery bug in the photo from July 25th [see above] has now been identified -its a Plume moth.
Many thanks to Cindy, who has a great blog called Bug Safari.

Today would have been a great day for crabbing - in fact there were quite a few folk with crab lines out on the rocks. However i wasn't wanting to catch them - i was looking for underwater reference photos and empty crab shells [also for reference].
However the undewater camera flash refused to fire at all -it seemed that the battery i'd carefully changed was either teh same one i'd picked up by mistake or it had somehow drained while in my bag on the way to the beach.

The sea was very rough and the fish were very agitated and not happy about people swimming near them but the crabs were out in force , i'm not sure why there were so many big crabs today. Little crabs were nowhere to be seen - mind you there were lots of small crab shells near the suspected octopus cavelets so thats maybe why.

I was thrown by a wave on top of some rocks [underwater] and landed on top of a big crab - i'm not sure who was more surprised -but the crab obviously decided i was a threat and he disappeared very quickly. I tried to take a photo as the light didn't seem too bad but i suspect it will be a blur of legs and sea weed.

I didn't get any empty crab shells either - it was much too difficult to dive down to pick them up with the big waves. That was a bit disapointing as i had intended to add some empty crab shells to the octopus painting as well as some other octopus foods.
Hopefully i'll try again tomorrow.

I did pick up a crab claw and i spent some time drawing it this evening -it wasn't in great condition so it wasn't the best piece of reference material i've ever used- but tomorrow might be better for collecting stuff.


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