Wednesday, August 31, 2005

La Rentrée and schools of fish

La Rentrée
Its always an important date in the French calendar and there are usually news items and lots of newspaper and magazine articles about the best ways of preparing your children and generally how to survive Rentrée fever [ which is my name for the mad buying of stationery and school essentials that always seems to be left to the last minute.]
Probably becuase i am Scottish and not French and adore pens and paper [apart from book buying , stationery is the only thing i like to shop for] , I am usually well prepared. So i tend to avoid stationers and book shops in the last weeks of August if i can help it.

Today there were lots of little kids on their way home from the shops with huge school bags [cartables ] on their backs -getting ready for starting school on Friday - La Rentrée.
A tremendous number had fish themed cartables - Nemo, Shark Tales and Aerial the mermaid half counts, I suppose. It inspired me to draw these fish on their way to school.

I got some photos back -and despite the lack of falsh , they weren't too bad. There are quite a few fish in this picture but its a bit like 'hunt the thimble' as they are well camouflaged.

I liked this photo - the grey blue and yellow stripes are quite visible for a change.

Here are some swimming off to the deep blue sea .

I managed to take a photo of a crab but since it was in a fairly dark place, i'd need to outline it in red to make it visible to anyone else.

The underwater landscape had canged dramatically since the huge waves have shifted the rocks around- some are huge boulders but they have slipped on to their sides or dropped down deeper into the sea. Some od the smaller rocks show new bare faces where they have been split when they fell. Its hard to imagine these huge rocks moving as they seem so permanently fixed- but i suppose it shows the force of the water.


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andrea said...

What is it about fish I wonder? This is a constantly recurring theme in my work, culminating in a whole show's worth of images. What is the draw for you, Alison?