Thursday, September 01, 2005

Demise of underwater camera

Oh well, the cheap underwater camera is no more. However, i have learned a lot about underwater photography and remembered why i got so frustrated with 35mm cameras.

[The waterproof housing worked incredibly well- absolutely no leaks so i was very impressed with that-though its not something i can use with a different camera.]

Problem number one with 35mm camera for me seems to be when the film jams or jumps off the sprockets or rips just after the most amazing photo opportunities.

Problem number 2- some film labs are unbelieveably awful and remembering the good one from years back and using them is probably not a good idea. I have had some really bad processing and since i've been getting things transferred to Cd rather than having prints its hard to complain when there is just a mini thumbnail to look at.

Problem 3- delayed gratification - i am too spoiled by seeing digital images instantly and the almost limitless capacity - getting things on CD the next day means its harder to learn from the day's photography session- at least for me.

I think i may jinx 35mm cameras- i seem to do much better with digital ones - hopefully my new camera will arrive soon - its been ordered and it was estimated at a week for delivery- fingers crossed.
The new camera doesn't work underwater though so i will have to use disposable underwater cameras if i have the urge to take any photos but i suspect i will wait till next year and see if i can find an underwater digital cheap at the start of the swimming season.

I will be getting some films back tomorrow -but since the films jammed half way though , i'm not sure what the pictures will be like or even if they will turn out at all.

However - i have to say that this camera has taken some pretty good images, despite it drawbacks- much better than i expected and i've definitely been bitten by the underwater photo bug.

Sun rays through the water - the water surface is just visible on the top left

I was impressed with this photo - i liked the reflection of the rock on the underside of the water surface - I hadn't realised that it would reflect like that and that it could be photographed by an amateur. It seems almost like an Atlantean landscape.
This is one of my water babies , he's having fun posing for the camera.

I was trying to focus on the sun rays that were shining through the water, so i was pleased to have managed to capture them nicely.

The light paints patterns on the rocks and sand but doesn't draw attention to the passing fish.

More sunbeams with the water surface and a small fish - i'm not sure what was happening to the water surface- maybe a small wave passing overhead.

Today would have been brilliant for photos- there were just so many fish around- many different shoals, each containing hundreds of fish that moved as one in a sort of underwater ballet. Absolutely fascinating to watch and another reason to be annoyed at the camera- or maybe i speak too soon and i'll get some nice photos from the final films tomorrow.

We saw some sea cucumbers [aka Holothurians] today -black ones like in the link and some rotten looking purple and speckled ones.
They are apparently related to starfish , brittle stars and sea urchins and the class is called the echinoderms - i have to say they are not very attractive looking animals [at least the ones we saw] - and it seems they mimic the colouration of the sea slugs [nudibranchs] which explains their similarity to the 'rotten cucumber' nudibranch we saw a week or so ago.
The only thing i could remember about sea cucumbers was the fact that some of them will expel their digestive system in an attempt to disuade predators from eating them, but thankfully these did not.

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