Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Artists for Katrina Relief

Some artists have been donating artwork to charity auctions or selling art and giving funds to various Katrina Disaster relief charities.

The image hosting site Flickr has a Katrina Relief auction page with a variety of works for sale, including a photographic print of Coloured smoke which i think is outstanding.

Some Washington DC art bloggers are auctioning some beautiful artwork

Art for Katrina has a selection of donated artwork that will be sold on ebay . Info about donating artwork here

MissionFish has a huge page of listings on ebay with all sorts of items [books, bags , jewellery, clothes and everything] as well as artworks being sold for Hurricane Katrina Relief charities. MissionFish guarantees that the money gets to the registered charity or non-profit organisation.

Kards for Katrina Relief
are collecting original cards donated by calligraphers, collage artists and greetings card artists and other artists around the world during the month of September. They are then selling raffle tickets at $5.00 each for a chance to win a packet of 5 original cards.
100 percent of the proceeds are going to America's Second Harvest
Raffle tickets: Raffle tickets will be sold through Acorn Arts and you can purchase raffle tickets on line. Raffle draw on 2nd October.

I will be sending a batch of original cards to the Kards for Katrina relief raffle this week . I hope all of these initiatives mean lots of money for the disaster relief fund.



Anonymous said...
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The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Wow...I will visit all the places you have mentioned. Great post! =^..^=

Alexandra said...


Thanks for the plug and the other links. I'll check them out for sure. DC artists have already raised $4,441.49. It's all pretty amazing.


Christopher Trottier said...

I think this is a great idea for relief work.

Peter said...

Katrina itself may be a result of global warming, an important environmental issue. Enviroman is seeking artists and others to put catchy environmental phrases in a speech bubble to promote environmentally friendly practices:
Enviroman Says

Helen said...

Even if it's not alot of money, it all helps when you have nothing.

Peter said...

Hi Alison,

Nice blog. Nice vocation too. Want to do your bit for the environment (Katrina)? (Hurricanes seem to have increased in frequency and ferocity probably because of global warming, an environmental issue. Enviroman is seeking an artist to draw a simple cartoon to help promote environmental awareness.
Enviroman Says