Saturday, September 24, 2005

Watery chicken

Today about 6.30 pm i saw some kids playing chicken in the new fountain at Place Charles de Gaulle.
At first they were running around dodging the water but later on they were just running through the jets until they were completely soaked.

Unfortunately the light wasn't as good as the last time when i didn't have my camera - but you can maybe make out the running figure in the centre of the photo- the fountain looks similar to a car wash when it cycles through some of its range of effects.

The weather had been very unsettled but its still around 25 degreesC, although it feels cool by comparison with the very hot summer.
I'm not sure why this photo turned out so blue - but it looks interesting.

Another kid running though a different water pattern - getting just as wet.

After a short pause the kids got on their bikes and started weaving through the water spouts - i was a bit worried that they would slip as the water seems to be sourting out with a fair degree of force , but they obviously were confident and unconcerned about the danger.

I wonder how their parents reacted when they arrived home soaked to the skin.


Helen said...

Wow, to be a kid again, if just for a day!

WellyBog said...

Your comments about children and fear made me smile. How wonderful it was to be a child - to be naiive of the dangers of the world.

You don't see so many kids climbing trees these days, do you. They're probably too busy playing on their playstations. I think that's a shame... you learn a lot falling out of trees.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Great photos...I would love to jump in with them.

So fun!!!

日月神教-向左使 said...