Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Camera and photo opportunities

My new camera still hasn't arrived. It was ordered on the 24th of August and there has just been a note to say it has been dispatched today. It was held up by something ordered at the same time being out of stock. Normally Amazon sends an email to say something is going to take a while , or dispatches part of the order quickly and sends the rest when it arrives at their depot.

Typical that this time there was no warning, and in fact one item had to be deleted from the order to get things moving again.

I've really missed having a camera with me every day as there have been quite a few things i've thought would make interesting photos as i've been wandering around Nice and Antibes.

One thing i have been keen to photograph is the new complicated fountain installation at Place Charles de Gaulle in the centre of Antibes. It has cost a huge amount of money and has some bizarre timed water effects that often appear to be as attractive as a burst water main .

There is an avenue of spouts and then a large rectangular complex of geysers at one end -these are all flush with the ground and switch on and off in soem timed sequence.

It seems to have been attracting the attention of people [particularly young kids but also rather inebriated tourists] wanting to cool off or play in the water but not in the way the Town Council originally intended. It had originally been advertised as an oasis of calm with tinkling, misty water and not an area when folk are shrieking and running about between the jets , stripped to their underwear.

Today i noticed some blue signs have been posted saying that the water is not drinking water and is not for bathing in but it had no effect on the people playing chicken with the water timing.

I just hope i get the camera before the weather changes and folk stop doing this - the dark shadows of people partially hidden by the water looks amazing. And since there are engineers working on the fountain nearly every day i am also wondering if it will be eventually condemned as a white elephant.


JediMstr said...

What kind of camera?

Alison Ashwell said...

Its an Olympus C370 - just about to post some of the first photos.