Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pine cones of all shapes and sizes

There are a lot more pine trees here than expected, and now that autumn has arrived more or less, there are plenty of pine cones in evidence.

I am not too good on pine cone or pine tree identification and I wish i had taken some photos of the bark of the relevant trees as that would have helped considerably.

I know that some of the trees where I was taking the photos are mediterranean pines and i reckon some are Corsican pines since those are both quite distinctive tree shapes but i was concentrating on the interesting pine cones and not noting which were which.
Also there are some other evergreen trees in the area and i don't have a clue about their species.

Still the photos are interesting and if anyone can identify the trees i'd be greatful.

Here is the sky through some rather bare branches that end in small cones.

This tree was laden with small nearly round 'cones'

I liked how these twin cones turned out

This fallen pine cone was nestled ina bed of wood sorrel and sweet violet leaves.
The violet leaves are on the top right of the picture - almost heart shaped leaves.
The wood sorrel leaves are trefoil shaped[with reddish areas] but often droop and fold down on their stems -the leaf position changes with the weather as a protective measure . Wood sorrel is very high in oxalic acid [as are spinach and rhubarb] so it has a very bitter taste.

Wood sorrel is called Gowkes Meat [cuckoo meat] in Scots and Pain de Coucou [Cuckoo bread] in France.

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PG said...

Wood sorrel is referred to as 'sour dock' in the West country - that's what I was taught to call it. My mother used to find it on walks, so's we could suck a leaf or two - although very bitter, as you say, it can be very refreshing.