Friday, September 23, 2005

Photo Friday - Burn

This weeks topic is Burn. I had a look through some of my old photos in the hope i had some decent ones of streams - which are called 'burns' in Scotland but no luck - or at least nothing obvious.

I remembered that we had some sparklers in the house in anticipation of the October birthdays; mine and my daughter's. So I got my son to assist me - and he was really glad to help.
This was probably the nicest shot as it looked like a fireball inexpicably erupting out of the blackness.

My son wanted to try some sparkler writing so this was his letter 'T'.

1 comment:

Marion said...

Fantastic sparkler photos. They put me in mind of a thistle or burr or even dandelion "clock". Is there ever an age when sparklers cease to be great fun?!? =)