Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Raindrops and flower petals

My son is going to school in Nice now, so I've been at the station every morning and and evening with him.
There are some lovely flower beds near the station , although the recent heavy rain has left some of the floral displays looking bedraggled and weather beaten.

Yesterday morning I forgot to take my camera and missed some fantastic views of mist and rain clouds over the Alps - of course today the rain had cleared up and the view was not as photogenic.

I took several flower photos though and was pleased with them . I'm getting more used to this camera's foibles though i daresay it will take a while for everything to become automatic for me.

Some very damp black eyed susans and some lilac pompom flowers that i don't know the name of.

A closeup of raindrops. I really like these flowers -such incredibly cheery colours even on dull days.
An orange mystery flower complete with raindrops

This is an update on the bunch of grapes i have been following from green to fully ripe. There are probbaly still another few days before all the grapes turn completely black - they could be eaten now but the reddish coloured ones won't be as flavourful as the dark black ones.


Roz said...

How gorgeous.

carla said...

Alison...I feel like I've just been on a little holiday...such beautiful photographs! I love the shade of orange of the orange flower...sigh...I'd love to just pack my bags and see those sghts!

Leo said...

They're gorgeous! Great pics.