Monday, August 15, 2005

The Edge of the Sea

My son and I went down to the beach late this afternoon for a quick swim. When he had been out earlier in the day, there had been a flag flying and a 'beware of jelly fish' sign but that had been removed by about 5.30pm.

It seems that there havee been a lot of jellyfish this year. An article in the Sunday Times suggests that conditions have been favourable due to the drought southern Europe has been having this year, as this makes the sea saltier than usual.

We didn't see any when we were in the water and conditions were pretty good for snorkelling, though we only stayed in for about an hour. The Ponteil beach isn't as good for snorkelling as the Gravette beach since its all sandy rather than rocky so there aren't the variety or numbers of fish.
Still it was good fun.

I took some photos while i was there- I had been meaning to try and capture the frilly edge of a wave as it reaches the beach. It was a bit of a hit and miss afffair as a] its hard to predict where the wave will reach and b] small children like to investigate adults doing strange things so i had a few stray shadows i could have done without. Of course, the shadows appeared in the best shots. I am quite happy with this one though- you can jsut see that the grains of sand are moving under the action of the wave.

This shot hadn't work as i liked however , I did really like the clarity of the water washing over the sand , so i didn't delete this one.

I set my son the task of walking up and down the wet sand at the water's edge so that i could take some photos of footprints. He was very obliging though he was a bit concerned that people would think we were mad.

This is a shot of the footprints after a wave has washed over and swept back.

The sky was a fantastic colour so i took some shots of the sky against various trees - i liked how this one turned out with the sky against the palm branches


Ms. Mama said...

Nice photos! I like the one of the footprint after the wave swept over the best.

just sayin' said...

August is generally the time for jellyfish where I'm originally from -- Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

cube said...

Love those Windex blue skies.