Friday, November 18, 2005

Photo Friday - Imperfection

I wasn't sure what to post for this Photo Friday topic until I remembered a tree i'd photographed a couple of months ago.

The bark of the tree is really intriguing, it seems to peel back in strips and gives the tree a tatterdemalion look.

I've seen quite a few of these trees around so its not some sort of weird tree disease - however I've never been able to find out what kind of tree it is.

This is the top part of the tree, so you can see its really quite healthy looking, despte the imperfect, peeling bark.

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kenp said...

I believe it's a Eucalyptus tree!

Miss Eagle said...

Alison, it is one of ours - all the way from Oz. Now there are hundreds of species of Eucalypt but I think you've got a stringybark tree.

Chris said...

Its a eucalyptus, see