Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Final Entrevaux images

I finished sorting out the Entrevaux photos - so these are the last ones.

The first few were taken within the village walls.
There were lots of arches and odd stone stair cases and a few wells . Most of the village has tiny narrow paths between the packed houses [see photos here ] but there are a couple of small squares with a bit more space and light . I expect that the wells made it necessary for a bit more space as people at one time would have been queuing round about with jugs and pails.

I imagine that washing was done in the river Var , there are a couple of small gates in the wall that would allow folk to get to the river.

I think the lower dorrway here was either an entrance to a cellar or maybe would have been where animals were kept.

I'm not sure how people manage with moving house as there are no roads within the village and only one entrance and it would be a huge task to carry or even wheel things across the bridge and drawbridge and up steep narrow slopes to the houses.

A spike of mountain behind one of the houses

This is the view from the path up to the citadel, looking down from the drawbridge [yes, another one] beside the boundary wall for the citadel.

The Citadel fortress is being restored and much of the path and wall has been remade, but its still very steep and occasionally scary. I wouldn't have liked to be on the path with wind and rain or snow.
There are 9 steep ramps going up to the citadel- this photo doesn't really give the idea of how steep each ramp is. The arch and beige wall is one of the 20 fortified gateways that are found along the ramps.

The wall on the side of the path was fairly high at this part , otherwise i wouldn't have been able to stop and take a photo without fear/ vertigo.

This is a view of the nearby spike of rock with one of the fortlets on way up to the citadel.
A view through some window bars in the ordinary soldier's barracks -a beautiful view when warm and sunny.

This was the view across the valley from the near top of the citadel - I had to brace myself against the wall and stand well back in order to take the photo and then I had to go down to lower parts that didn't look straight down the cliff edge.

There is some snow just visible on the tops of the mountains in the distance.. The scenery is very dramatic and despite the vertigo , I am glad I made it to the top to see the views.
This is looking down on the rooftops of Entrevaux showing the squeezed together houses and the bend in the river Var . If I'd managed another flight of stairs i would have been able to take a photo that shows the river sweeping right round the townThe citadel and zigzag pathway up the hill. I dont have any photos of the citadel from the ramps unfortunately as it was at this point that my camera batteries gave out.

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Kukka-Maria said...

As I am strolling through Blog Explosion sites, I am especially struck by the beauty of these photographs.

Thanks for sharing!

Cruxley said...

Beautiful shots and scenery -- nice site! You're quite talented.