Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Illustration Friday -spotted

I had planned to do something different for I Friday, but for various reasons - eg kids being on holiday from school, I haven't managed to finish the original image I started.

I was intending to paint a childhood dream of mine; to spot a pterydactyl nest and I sketched it out and got reasonably far with the colour before deciding that maybe i should tackle it from a different angle/perspective. So, that idea is on the back burner for now while i ponder on how to make it better.

After that i thought about doing something based on Seurat's work or something generally pointillist but much much simpler.

Pointillism and similar painting styles use the working of the eye itself and colour theory to create colour blends in the brain rather than mixing paint and laying it down on the canvas. The small dots of colour arranged side by side give an impression of shades of colour when seen from a distance but can be seen as individual dots of colour when seen close up.

I ended up doing something kind of silly, that was just made up of individual and overlapping dots . I also had the notion to make it a repeating pattern of 2 spot ladybirds .
The green squiggles and spotted lines are meant to represent swaying grass and the ladybirds are intentionally cute, becuase i like ladybirds

Its actually not very easy to create shapes out of overlapping dots, but it gives and interesting wobbly outline that added to the dotty spotty silly idea.

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steve said...

Not an easy task--pointilism.As with this, it yeilds some nice results however. Hope to see the Pteradactyl egg sometime soon too.

carla said...

This looks like a rather complicated task! The result is both fun and refreshing...the shades of green and the pretty ladybugs really make me think of summer and picnics. Good job!

Bron Smith said...

Such an appealing spot technique. I assume it's digital. Otherwise you went to a lot of work. Very mice illustration. Love the ladybugs.

Rrramone said...

Very nice technique, love the colors.