Monday, April 17, 2006

Flowers, bugs and butterflies

I took these at Entrevaux - a mixed bag of nature images that i liked. Unfortunately, my camera was accidently switched on in my bag so i wasn't able to take as many photos as i'd have liked - which was especially annoying when i saw so many butterflies that i'd have dearly loved photograph. I managed to nurse teh camera along by swapping batteries and coaxing out another couple of photos but it didn't allow me to take the butterflies.

Some wisteria on a trellis outside the village walls. Its not native to Euriope and has poisonous seeds , though its very pretty.
A speckled snail shell - i liked the delicate pink interior

A brilliant yellow dandelion - pissenlit in french and 'pee the bed' in Scots - i'm not sure if the similar names come from the Auld Allliance or not. There are quite a few french words in Scots, so its possible.

A different dandelion plus beeA green hairstreak butterfly Callophrys rubi , well camouflaged on a plant.
Its called the Argus vert [green argus] in french.

Another green hairstreak on a juniper bush.
Gendarme or firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus

I wrote about these previously here
Borage Borago officinalis aka starflower is an alien looking plant - incredibly hairy stems and buds and leaves.

This is a single bud
A group of buds.
I think the plant looks alien. Its used now as a source of GLA -gamma linoleic acid -the crushed seeds make borage oil/starflower oil which is used for its various healing properties- anti PMS, anti-inflammatory, metabolism regulation etc
The flowers droop down so its difficult to see the 'face'

To be honest the 'face' of the flower isn't too attractive . [see below]

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Excellent photos. I'll have to tell my other half to have a look.

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