Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday was a beautiful day.
According to the pharmacy thermometer signs, the temperature was around 24C - very hot for March.

My son and I walked down to the sea and walked along the water's edge.

The sea was breathtakingly blue green, with the crests of waves frothing white and dying down to lacy edges.
The sea glass we collected almost seemed like seawater turned to crystal.

There was a fair wind by the sea, and i was surprised that there were so few yachts around and no windsurfers. On a similar day in Antibes, the sea would be covered with sails..

The beaches in Nice are pebbly - waves crashing and pebbles being swept back and forth is an incredibly loud rumble - and really difficult to translate into words.
As the sun started dropped in the sky, the sea turned silver.

A friend, Colleen Lambert , paints lovely atmospheric seascapes of the Pacific North west- so i hope she will enjoy seeing these photos from the Mediterranean Sea .

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marion said...

Beautiful sea photos, makes me want to plunge in now!! Can't believe the weather is so warm, in Scotland only a few nights ago it was below freezing!

isay said...

great photo shots! it's a pity we just passed by Nice last year and did not stop at all.

PacificNorthwestPaintings said...

And stunning photos they *are*, Alison. I think I WILL paint them!