Thursday, March 30, 2006

Identity photos

My passport has expired so i need to get a new one.

However it turns out that I need to send off the papers before
the 6th of April or apply for a new
biometric passport with a
data chip.

Today and yesterday spent ages at photo booths trying to get a
decent passport photo. I always
seemed to look like an axe murderer
or sleepy or angry.

Anyway, I came home with some4 photos I liked and discovered
that the new rules for passport
photos meant that the face needed
to be between 29mm and 34 mm -none of these were
suitable- even
the grimmest ones!

So tomoorow i need to start all over again, but this time i have a handy
template in my
sketchbook so i will be able to see right away if the photo
will work or not.

Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

The old adage goes "if you look anything like your passport photo, you are too ill to travel!" You are not alone. The only people who don't look like serial killers in their passport photos are most probably actual serial killers!!

Alison Ashwell said...

Thats true!

TIt turned out taht the next two photo booths I went to were out of order so i ended up going to a photographer.
She managed to get teh face exactly the right size BUT there was faint printing on the paper stock - so we shall see if it works or not

Anonymous said...

I bet will be a great resource for passport photos