Friday, March 17, 2006

Photo Friday- technology

The Photo Friday topic is technology, which was interesting since i'd been looking inside my computer earlier in the week and wondering about taking some photos of the wires, chips , circuit boards and power supply.

I took some photos today but wasn't too pleased with them. Then remembered the PCI adapter that is going to be added to give me some USB 2.0 ports and took some photos of that instead. I had been impressed by its glossy green colour and squiggly lines of the circuits.

On wednesday afternoon , my kids and i were on the beach searching for sea glass- glass that has been smoothed and battered into interesting shapes. We collected quite a lot and are now trying to decide what to do with the collection. Most of the glass is different shades of green or frosty white and might make interesting jewellery or sun catchers.

While i was wandering along, I found this tiny piece of circuit board washed up amongst the pebbles. The edges have been smoothed off by the wave action and the metal circuits look the worse for wear- i wonder what it came from.

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