Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunrise in Nice

I've missed seeing the sunrise since moving to Nice. Most mornings i've been either too early or too late or walking in the wrong direction or the sun is obscured by 5 story buildings.

However, this morning i managed to take some photos on the way to the station with my daughter. Its her turn now to look embarrassed as her mother takes photos at odd times.

The street lights were still on which accounts for the orange circles.

There are some really interesting 'Belle Époque' buildings from the late 19th to beginning of the 20th century around here - the architecture was heavily influenced by Art nouveau -and they often have dramatic roofs and iron work on the balconies.

One strange shaped roof is in the photo below. I will probably take some photos of the interesting buildings in teh coming months once i have worked out where they are.

There are some lovely Art Deco buildings too, including a huge post office building that is a really impressive red brick building.

Its amazing how much the colours can change in just a couple of minutes, from rose pink and lilac to orange , peach and butter yellow.
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isay said...

lovely photos again! i like the 2 last pictures most of all.

marion said...

Really nice photos & interesting architecture,though very un-Roark like :-)