Friday, March 24, 2006

Photo Friday - smooth

I took this photo of icecubes in a pub in Torquay where a friend and I were having lunch.
I'd asked for a jug of water to drink with the meal.

I don't think anyone had ever asked for water before since the server brought us an enormous jug that must have contained well over a gallon of water and ice cubes.

I was quite impressed wth the smooth floating ice cubes so i couldn't resist taking a photo.

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mommy on the verge said...

*WOW* That is so cool. I really love that photo. I did a Photo Friday too, stop by for a visit!

marion said...

This has a lovely ethereal quality. I can also see an ice angel (well half of one - the head and wings) in the bottom of the shot. I really like the way the light is shining on the "angel"