Friday, March 31, 2006

Photo Friday- metallic

I've been making sea-weed-like suncatchers with the sea glass that i've been collecting on my visits to the beach, so i thought a photo of some small pices of sea glass wrapped in gold wire would suit the Photo Friday topic, 'metallic'

I took a photo of a random selection of the sea glass collection plus the odd shell. There are large pebble size lumps and tiny rice grain sized pieces mixed togeher.Not a particularly brilliant photo of the sun catchers - the colours don't really show up very well- but it gives the general idea of what they look like, I suppose.

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1 comment:

marion said...

The sun catchers are such a cool and interesting idea - I love moving things that hang from windows & ceilings like this. I also like your photo of all the sea glass bits. I'm amazed that so many of them are roundish - I only seem to find flat bits!