Thursday, March 23, 2006

Changes - Alexander Graham Bell to Vincent Van Gogh

I swapped the banner from Alexander Graham Bell to Vincent Van Gogh.
I didn't have time when i put the Graham Bell banner up to write anything about it.

Alexander Graham Bell was born on the 3rd of March 1847 [died 2nd August 1922]
He was born in Scotland and worked and lived in Canada and America after the age of 23. It seems he is the only person to have made the top 100 citizens of the USA, Canada and the UK [100 Greatest Britons, Greatest Canadian, 100 Greatest Americans]

He is often described as the inventor of the telephone [and there is some crontroversy about this - as is so often the case, other people were working on similar ideas at the same time and Antonio Meucci was awarded the honour by a US House of Representatives Bill in 2002.]

When I was a child someone told me that we were in some ways distantly related to Alexander Graham Bell [my original family name is Graham].

However I found out researching this piece that the 'Graham' middle name that was added as a mark of respect for an old family friend, Alexander Graham.

Alexander Graham Bell was interested in the telephone and similar devices due to a lifelong interest in deafness.
His mother and wife were deaf, he was apparently a close friend of Helen Keller and he spent a good part of his life teaching a special kind of elocution to deaf people [Visible speech] that had been developed by his father, Alexander Melville Bell.

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Miss Eagle said...

I do love this banner, Alison. And I am gobsmacked by the picture of the icecubes. How did you do that? I might try that one day