Sunday, June 05, 2005

Battle of the Flowers / Bataille des Fleurs

Today was Antibes' Battle of the Flowers [Bataille des Fleurs]
So there were lots of floats decorated in flowers [mainly carnations], marching bands, majorettes, different kinds of dancers and lots of drumming groups marching through the streets of the old town.
here are a few photos from today's event.

peace dove float
An olive branch was in the dove's mouth - a bit wilted but there none the less.

samba dancers
The samba dancers must have been exhausted wearing really heavy costumes . big platform sandals and huge wigs under a very hot sun [plus dancing round the streets]. You can't see in this photo but the costumes were cut away in the rear and there were a couple of wardrope malfuntions of the thong type, that required the assistance of a dresser to put right.

little drummer boy
This little boy was really drumming with the rest of the group - he wasn't just a token or mascot.

Flags and Drums

throwing flags
This group were dressed in a medieaval costume waving the flags and throwing them into the air - it was really flawlessly performed in time to their own drumming group but i expect it was really hard work

baby float
A strange float with a lot of adults dressed as babies [complete with baby bottles and dummies] who played ring games every 50 yards or so.

portugese dancers
These portugese folk dancers are a mixture of ages, from kids about 6 years old to pensioners.

Tin Tin float
This float was based on Tin Tin [On a marché sur la lune]. Destination Moon

Dupont and Dupond [Thomson and Thompson] are hidden by the gladioli and Professor Tournesol [Professor Calculus] is also in there somewhere.
I am a big fan of Hergé. When we moved to France it was an ideal opportunity to buy all the TinTin books in french and english - it really helped my french reading the books side by side and i've always admired Hergé's illustration style and the background research and art details that really add to the stories.

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