Tuesday, June 28, 2005

shoulder again

The update on my shoulder is that the ligaments aren't as bad as originally thought and that its actually mainly a rotator cuff injury. So i had some injections of cortisone into the painful areas and i have to go back for some more injections tomorrow.

It does seem to have helped a bit and once the acute pain has finally gone, i have physiotherapy to look forward to.

The Dr said, "you're Scottish so you won't be able to play golf for a while" - i didn't mention that i agree with Mark Twain, "Golf is a good walk spoiled. "


kyknoord said...

You should have told the doc, "Fine, but will I still be able to eat haggis and toss the caber, being Scottish and all?" It's so nice to be categorised.

Michelle said...

i like your illustrations. they're very nice and beautiful. anyway, hope you feel better soon.

Alison Ashwell said...


Yes, categorisations are annoying - but so easy to slip into

After more steroid injections i can definitely see imporvements and i start physio on friday - so hopefully things will be as good as new soon