Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cancelled- revenge of the sith

We had intended to go to Cannes today on the train to see Revenge of the Sith in VO. However, after we bought our train tickets and were waiting for the train, Martina [the Austrian exchange student] became violently sick - too much sun! So we came back home again - i tried getting the train tickets transferred to another day but since i'd thought to ask for a super-duper cheap train ticket they were non-refundable. =(

Martina and Annis had gone out this morning and although Annis is well used to the sun, it was too much for Martina. Also she had been somewhat slap-dash at putting on suncreme and was burned in patches on her arms- rotten.

Hoverver, she perked up after some painkillers for her headache, plenty of water and a lie down.
Hopefully Revenge of the Sith VO will be held over a week so we can get to see it later.
*VO is version originale- ie in english with french subtitles

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