Monday, June 20, 2005


Last night i heard a snapping sound and had a severe pain and swelling in my collar bone area and a lot of pain when i moved my arm -so i was off to the Drs today and was prodded and x-rayed.
The good news is that my collar bone hasn't snapped , I don't have a tumour in the bone and i don't have TB.
However i have torn ligaments and its really painful - worse than labour pains.
It wasn't helped by the consultant radiologist prodding the sore part really hard and saying 'oh i know' when i collapsed screaming.
Then he invited colleagues in to see this interesting case that presented like a fracture and could be reduced to tears and screaming in an instant. ' wow, thats impressive" they said as my knees buckled under me with pain.
So now i have a sling and very serious anti-inflammatories and pain killers and have to go back and see the Dr next monday.
If i wasn't ambidextrous things would be easier since i use the nearest hand for tasks and probably favour my left over the right.
I suppose i did discover that i have particularly strong and healthy bones -which is good news


Emily said...

Oh, ouch! Hope you get better soon, Alison. This sounds really awful.

Alison Ashwell said...

thanks emily - the huge injections i had yesterday have really helped