Thursday, June 02, 2005

Exchange student 2

So far so good, we've survived the first meeting and meal anyway. =)
She seems like a very nice polite girl and is obviously overwhelmed at being in a strange place.
She ate a microscopic piece of meat and salad at dinner and i will have to try and remember to buy more veggies to help fill her up.

My two are now watching Dvds with her - initially trying to watch Belphegor LE FANTÔME DU LOUVRE
in french but its seems that the dvd player is on its last legs and it keeps giving disc errors for zone2 dvds. They are now watching Dr Who I'm not sure what the Austrian girl will make of it.

She is supposed to be here to learn french, however she will be brushing up on her english chez nous since she finds that easier, though she has been somewhat phased by our Scottish accents.
She will have plenty of french during the day at school, I suppose.

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