Monday, June 13, 2005

Star wars -finally

We saw Revenge of the Sith last night. We went into Nice with the additional motive of exploring a bit and getting a feel for the place, as it looks like we will be moving there later in the year.

It has a lot of advantages and access to cinemas with films in VO at a time is one of these. I like watching french films but i prefer to watch films in the original language - i find the dubbed voices weird if i know the actors speaking voice and it really detracts from the film.

Anyway, Revenge of the Sith was pretty good- it tied up a lot of loose ends though there were still a few things introduced in the film that were puzzling. Its definitely worth going to see.

*possible spoiler* Don't read on if you are intending to watch the film

One of the glaring problems IMO was the change in Padmé s character - instead of a self assured person capable of picking her own handcuffs and escaping before two Jedi had even considered their options- she became a wimp who hung around waiting for Anakin to give her a hug and make everything better.

Padmé and Anakin are supposed to be keeping their relationship secret but they live together in a palatial appartment and no one bats an eyelid.

Her pregnant 'bump' is the smallest ever seen despite it being home for two enormous babies.
Also her 'operation' seems to have been done by folk with no knowledge of surgical birth going by the bizarre hoops. Also why did the midwife droids speak a different language that only Obi Wan could understand? Why does she inexplicably lose the will to live - did she not really want the kids in the first place - feeble, feeble, feeble

In Padmé s funeral cortege , the camera lingers for ages on a little girl for no reason at all - unless its a young Han Solo in disguise. very odd

Anakin never thinks that he might be being fed the bad dreams by someone else but gives up everything he is supposed to believe in and is happy to kill a bunch of kids in order to learn how to have power over death.

Obi-wan is inept most of the time which is pretty weird for a Jedi master - and yet when on his own he excells himself

Yoda at one point flys away in a portapotti cum space ship and for no apparent reason hooks up with Chewbacca.
Yoda can feel the deaths of other jedi but seems to have real problems working out whats going on with people 2 feet away from him.

Why does Leia become a princess when she's adopted by a Senator?
why did Qui-Gon get mentioned as being available for training Obi-Wan- would Obi Wan have become the person in the later films if he had spent years in further Jedi training? It just seemed like a random weird reference to me

Thankfully Jar-Jar does not speak -so that was a major plus for this film.
All in all its a good film. I want to watch episodes 4-6 again now


girl_in_greenwood said...

The only one of your questions for which I have an answer is the one about "Princess" Leia. I believe the royalty on Naboo is elected - as Padme was elected to be Queen for some time, then stepped down and became a senator. So I think it's safe to assume that Leia is elected to the office of Princess at some point.

Alison Ashwell said...

That would make sense except she went to Alderaan with senator organa.
Maybe there is more backstory in the books that i haven't read