Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Flowery day

On the way home from the Drs yesterday, I spotted some Passion flowers - i find them both fascinating and repellant - they look alien or triffid-like to me. Obviously bees like them since while i was standing there and starting up the camera, the single honey bee was joined by two others.
I always expect these flowers to shut on their prey like venus flytraps but they don't - unless they are sneaky and only trap things when humans aren't around to watch.

passion flower 2 bees

Passion flower 3 bees

To add to yesterday's floral theme, I won a bouquet of flowers at the weekend - or rather i won a gift voucher for one so i picked it up yesterday - quite a pretty arrangement but no scent at all.
I know people have problems with scented flowers due to allergies but i have to say that personally i prefer flowers to smell since i rarely buy cut flowers to its a visiual and preferably olofactory treat for me when to do have them.
They cheer up the table anyway and it makes a change to win something nice.


Morris said...

Very nice pictures!

Ask Morris

Zeppellina said...

Hello Alison,

Just thought I would say hello to a fellow Scot, and a fellow artist.
I love your work, it is quite wonderful.
France is a beautiful the rained today, here in Scotland, as always..heavily!!
The photographs of the Passion Flowers are beautiful..I once grew passion flowers here, indoors of course, but they never got to the flowering stage, I`m afraid!
I went on holiday to the USA, and when I was gone, a friend unfortunately continually overwatered them. They were dead on my return!
At least I can see from your lovely pictures what they eventually would have looked like!
You have a fabulous site.
Please drop in to my site if you are passing, and say hello. It would be nice to see you.