Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Saint Vallier de Thiey

My son is off to Saint Vallier de Thiey with his school to stay at a residential centre there. They will be learning about computers [though i suspect he won't learn much as he is already very computer literate and can use Photoshop and Painter etc]. However it seems that a lot of kids in the class don't get very much access to computers so it will be great for the others.
Apart from computing , the kids will be doing a project on the landscape and environment of the surrounding area and that should be wonderful. My son is a very keen on nature and geology etc so he will be in his element.

There will be also a visit to some show caves which should be interesting I like visiting caves myself - the atmosphere of being underground and seeing the stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations is always fascinating.
I found the pre-trip meeting very odd though since some of the parents had obviously never visited caves before and they were very concerend about their kids' safety. Presumably they were envisioning their bouts de choux being sent down a hole on a rope with a canary and Davy lamp.
bouts de choux -is a term of endearment for children similar to poppet or kiddiwinkie though it actually means something along the lines of 'bit of cabbage'

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