Friday, July 08, 2005

Alternate friday

worm eating monster
I was supposed to be illustrating insatiability and had planned to do womething about the terror war machine but yesterday's events in London made me change my mind. Everything i tried to do seemed too trite.
So i've ended up doing a monster with an insatiable appetite for worms - not something pithy or topical.


fhi said...

i do like this monster very much and I like it in black & white. Great job!

Necromantic Angel said...

Disgusting concept but

Chris said...

The monster should apply to appear on Fear Factor.

Deliberate Chaos

web_loafer said...

Just accidently surfed here, you are talented. I just like complimenting blog designers once in awhile, just because they are good. I don't care about your political views or religious views, YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS ARE MASTERFUL,
Pssst....can i get a discount for a rendition of Sanity's Bluff.
Your take on that place...would be great.
I hope every single person in Europe, and especially England, realizes most people in the USA are shedding tears along with you. We are getting good at tears in America...3,000+ civilians in one day died.....millions of almost 2,000 soldiers are dead and many millions of tears have been shed over those caskets.
We are pretty good at crying in America, lean on us, if you will, we'll all see this out.

Heidi said...

Dat's a very good illustration. I live vith two arisits. Sometimes dey drive me nuts taking my picture. But dey are very creative and fun.

Dose explosions in london vere just terrible. Sad day.