Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fete de St Jean

Last night we went to the local Fete de St Jean which is normally around the summer solstice; but this year was a bit late for some reason.

Its a traditional festival involving bonfire leaping, spiral and circle dancing and traditional music - with traditional instruments - cornemuse [bagpipes], three holed provencal flutes and hurdy gurdies. They sound like this


I took part in a spiral dance - which was good since it has been a long time since i have been able to take part due to ill health.

My husband took the photos - Taran and i are the two on the right hand side

I am to the left of the small person in bright red in the above picture

I am just about to leave the picture on the left.

I had some worries beforehand about my current shoulder getting worse but i got my son Taran to hold my hand on that side so it wasn't too bad.
I was sweating and exhuasted afterwards from being so close to the bonfire and the unaccustomed exercise but i really felt i needed to do it, as a turning point in my life somehow.

Taran jumped the bonfire for the first time on his ow- previously he has jumped between Chris and I.
However, I didn't jump the bonfire this year - that would have been a bit too much!

Maybe next year ...

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