Thursday, July 14, 2005

Green eggs and ham

Real free range eggs are normally brilliant but there is always the risk of one thats a bit older than the rest.
Unfortunately i got that one - yuk - green slimy and sulphurous. I would have noticed right away if i had been frying or scrambling it, but at the moment i'm having to follow a really strict diet on Drs orders and i am supposed to be boiling the breakfast eggs - so it was a really unpleasant surprise.
It was strange though since i'd always believed that bad eggs floated but this one was just the same as a normal egg apart from the disgusting contents.


Storm Trooper said...

Ok. I admit you have a point. But what about our Lord's take on the whole issue? Seems to me that that we should be weighing him in on the equation. Do you understand?

Mama Mouse said...

In my experience, floating eggs aren't necessarily bad. I've eaten several and they looked, smelled and tasted just fine!

Boy I'm glad I didn't find a bad one like you though.