Friday, July 29, 2005

Gadgets and mobile phones

I am fond of gadgets - particularly if they are really functional and not just cool looking. Since i am having to eat 2 boiled eggs every day, i couldn't resist searching for an egg boiling gadget.
I spent some time looking at various devices and reading their reviews and i finally ended up with one in the shape of a chicken. It wouldn't have been my first choice on looks , but i suppose its quite cheery and it had the best reviews.

I do like buying things on the web since i love getting parcels in the post , and this arrived really quickly and in time for breakfast!
The verdict -it is a really good gadget for boiling [or rather steaming since that how it cooks them] eggs. Its pretty fast and hassle free too

It takes less time than using a pot and only a miniscule amount of water - i used too much water at first since i didn't believe that such a small amount would produce good results. I had to follow the instructions the next time as the extra water over cooked the eggs, and i am really fussy about boiled eggs.

After the chicken shaped egg boiler i had to buy a new mobile phone. My daughter dropped hers and the screen stopped working so i ended up buying a new phone [which should hopefully arrive tomorrow] so that she could have mine.

I will end up with a phone that can do just about everything and i really wanted a plain vanilla phone that could be used for sending texts, phoning people and to use as an alarm.
This new one has a bulit in mp3 player which i'm unlikely to use since i already have an mp3 player and a digital camera which i won't use very often since i carry my digital camera with me most of the time anyway. I used to have a really old digital camera with low resolution and poor optics so i don't particularly want another one - still i suppose i could have a low function phone if i wasn't too miserly to want to pay for one and this one will only cost the carriage price since its an upgrade for loyalty to the phone company.

Not really a gadget, at least its a bit big to be a gadget, was this giant balalaika that i saw in town. An odd sight to see in Antibes, but it belonged to a Ukrainian group of buskers wandering around Europe. The music was pretty good - made a change from buskers with the ubiquitous pan pipes and charangos made of armadillo shells.



PG said...

Boiled eggs - food of the Gods! I like mine with a soft yolk and marmite soldiers...even at my age!

Marion said...

Are you sure it is a giant balalaika and not just a very, very small man? (or even an elf - angry or otherwise).

I once had a chicken shaped egg cooker, just like yours, but it had purely novelty value and after a while its permanently cheery disposition started to seriously piss me off, so i hit it with a hammer (this is actually a blatant lie, it was actually consigned to a cupboard for many years and then thoughtfully and humanely disposed of with no cruelty, whatsoever involved - I wish to make this quite clear so as not to invoke the wrath of any mechanical animal rights activists)