Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Physio and other stuff

The physiotherapy seems to be helping, though each session makes my shoulder and neck feel much worse for a day or so afterwards.
I had some light neck and shoulder traction today which felt ok at the time, just mild pressure/dull aches but its now quite acute and i feel completely exhausted.
Very weird.
Next visit is on friday and we will be doing work in the pool so that should be interesting

One thing about the long physio sessions is that there is usually a period of about half an hour where i am hooked up to various machines, so my mind wanders over a variety of topics.

Today i was wondering how weird it would be if my 41 year old self met my 21 year old self.

At 21 i had only done a little bit of travelling and was decidedly cautious about foreign food; olive oil was a suspicious and slimy substance; foreign cheeses were weird and too soft and not strong enough in taste among other things.

I remember getting salad in Italy and wiping the oil off the leaves on a napkin as it seemed such an alien thing to me. Now of course i frequently ask for more olive oil- i have become an olive oil addict and we seem to go through masses of the stuff.

Once when back in Glasgow i shocked the waiter by asking for more olive oil and the chef came out of the kitchen tomhave a word with me. He was a real olive oil afficionado and spent some time discussing different types of oil before finally approving of my choice. He seemed really pleased to be asked for more oil- i suspect its an unusual request in Scotland.

In greece, i remember finding feta cheese strange and almost gritty in texture - though i did learn to like it by the time the holiday had ended. But now, although i still really like a good strong vintage cheddar cheese, i love all sorts of goat and sheep cheeses and still like feta crumbled over salad with a dressing of oil and balsamic vinegar.

Another weird thing for me at 21 was the strange cooked meats and sausages found on the continent - i found them overpowering and strangely textured and dry and a bit salty - now i prefer the continental sausage and cooked meats, and find the charcuterie strange when i'm back in the UK.
I think my younger self would find the current me alien , in many ways, and partiularly in terms of food lol


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andrea said...

I love to hear stories of converted foodies. It gives me hope for my kids... :o)