Friday, July 15, 2005

Fête Nationale - Bastille Day

We went out to the fireworks for Fête Nationale last night in Juan Les Pins. We had missed the Antibes fireworks because the local information site wasn't very accurate. Well, we hadn't missed them exactly as we heard the cannon booms of the finale but it was a bit late then.

The fireworks are always impressive and there was a good turnout to see them. They are set up on pontoons moored out at sea so this obviously makes things safer and the reflections in the sea for is amazing; at least for the people are watching from the beach or promenade.

Although we arrived fairly early , all the good spots were taken right by the sea and we weren't in the mood to walk further in the hopes of getting a sea view. We still had a good view from where we were anyway.

I this photo you can see the people sitting on the wall overlooking the sea.
I took a lot of photos -thankfully digital cameras are ideal for taking loads of photos and discarding the rotten ones.
I had some really amazing jelly fish effects caused by camera shake, i suppose -but they look interesting

The firework displays in Antibes and Juan les Pins always feature palm trees [palmiers in french] and uusally a cry goes up from the crowd when they appear - they look very impressive - unfortunately i didn't manage to capture one at its highest or most impressive


Just Wandering said...

Great pics...I love fireworks!

Storm Trooper said...


Joel said...

Alison, thanks for visiting my site and for your comment ! Your photos of the fireworks are very beautiful too !! :)

Joel at Ecoute s'il pleut.

Imhomeless said...

nice camera effects.. i thought i was back in college again =0

I wish I was stuck in Amsterdam

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Your pictures inspire me to compose some poems.

Here are the titles of four of the poems.

1.Fireworks of my passions.
2.My Spirits are painting the skies.
3.The trail of angels.
4.The dancing lights of my thoughts.

Trée said...

Wonderful fireworks pics!